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Maintaining Tulsa Achieves Eligibility

To remain in the Tulsa Achieves Program, students must:

  • Maintain Tulsa County Residency

  • Maintain Good Academic Standing

    • Earn a 1.7 GPA with 30 attempted credit hours or less

    • Earn a 2.0 GPA with 31 attempted credit hours or more

  • Complete at least 67% of attempted coursework, cumulatively.

  • Complete at least 3 credit hours each fall and spring semester.

  • Complete a FAFSA by April 30 each year in the program.

  • Enroll in, and successfully complete, either ENGL 1003 or ENGL 0963 during the first academic year in the program.

  • Complete 40 hours of volunteer service each academic year.

Tulsa Achieves Students are held to the same Academic Probation policies as other TCC students. For more information, click here.


Volunteer Service

Minimum Annual Volunteer Service Requirements

  • 1 academic year begun as a TA student requires 40 hours of volunteer service

  • 2 academic years begun as a TA student requires 80 hours of volunteer service

  • 3 academic years begun as a TA student requires 120 hours of volunteer service.

Every hour of volunteer service reported over the annual minimum will be applied to the following year's balance.


Volunteer Service Deadlines

Volunteer service for each academic year must be completed within one week of Spring Finals.  Transcript holds will be placed on all accounts for students reporting hours under the annual minimum requirement.


Transcript Holds

Any students that do not complete the annual minimum number of service hours will have a transcript hold placed on their account.  Transcript holds will be released only after the minimum number of service hours have been completed and appropriately reported.


Registration Holds

All Tulsa Achieves students must see an Academic Advisor before enrolling or withdrawing from courses.  Therefore, all Tulsa Achieves Students have a registration hold that prevents them from enrolling or withdrawing.  During advisement, the hold will be temporarily released to allow students to enroll and make schedule adjustments.  The hold will be reactivated each semester.



Students that have been removed from the Tulsa Achieves Program may appeal their removal by submitting a completed Tulsa Achieves Appeal Form.  This form may be picked up and submitted at Enrollment Services Office on any TCC Campus.


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