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Volunteer Service Questions


Can I complete 20 hours of service for one semester of attendance?

No.  Forty (40) hours of volunteer service is the minimum amount of service required once a student has started an academic year.

What if I complete more than 40 hours of service in one year?

Any hours above 40 that a student completes will count towards the next year's total; a student who volunteers 120 hours in their first year in Tulsa Achieves will have completed their volunteer requirement for all three years.

Do I have to do all of my volunteer service with one agency?  

No.  Students may perform volunteer service at any number of eligible not-for-profit agencies in the Tulsa Area.

Can I volunteer at my church, on a mission trip or at church camp?

Service related to church attendance or service performed as a regular duty of church attendance is not considered eligible volunteer service.  However, service performed on behalf of a church and that benefits the greater Tulsa community will count.  All eligible volunteer service must be performed in, and benefit, the greater Tulsa community.  If the mission trip occurs in, and benefits, the greater Tulsa Community, mission trip service will be allowed but out-of-county service will not. 

What happens if I don't complete my volunteer service?

All service for the academic year must be completed within one week following Spring Finals.  If Tulsa Achieves is unable to verify completion of the minimum annual volunteer service hours by this date, a transcript hold will be placed on the student's account.  The transcript hold will remain on the students account until the minimum annual volunteer service requirement has been met. 


Enrollment Questions

Why do I have a registration hold on my account?

All Tulsa Achieves students must meet with an Academic Advisor before making any schedule additions or withdraws each semester.  Once a student meets with an Academic Advisor, the hold will be temporarily released and will be reactivated after the semester has begun.  This process will be repeated each semester.

Why do I have a transcript hold on my account?

All Tulsa Achieves students are asked to perform 40 hours of volunteer service per academic year.  Students that have not performed the annual minimum required service hours will have a transcript hold placed on their accounts.  This hold prevents students from obtaining official transcripts and transferring to other institutions without fulfilling the Tulsa Achieves agreement.  This hold does not prevent students from enrolling at TCC, nor will Tulsa Achieves ask students to reimburse the college if the minimum service requirement has not been met. The transcript hold may only be released after Tulsa Achieves has received appropriate confirmation that the minimum required service has been fulfilled. 

Will Tulsa Achieves pay for Summer School?

Tulsa Achieves funding will provide tuition and fees for students in the summer semesters once they have completed a fall and spring semester while in the program. (TA will only pay for ENGL 1003 or ENGL 0963 during the application period).

What happens if I drop or withdraw from a class? 

If a student drops a class within the "Add/Drop" period, typically the first two weeks of a standard semester, it's the same as never enrolling in that class and will not affect a student's Tulsa Achieves status.  However, once the "Add/Drop" period has passed, withdrawing from a class will affect a student's Tulsa Achieves status.  First, the course credits will be subtracted from the maximum 63 hours credit hours covered by Tulsa Achieves.  Also, withdrawing from a course may affect a student's course completion percentage.  To remain eligible for Tulsa Achieves, students must successfully complete 67% of attempted coursework.

What if I want to withdraw myself from the Tulsa Achieves Program?

Students who wish to withdraw themselves from Tulsa Achieves may do so at any TCC campus Enrollment Services office by filling out a Tulsa Achieves Withdraw Form.


Funding Questions

Why do I have a Bursar's Balance?

Tulsa Achieves funds are disbursed twice a semester.  The first disbursement occurs after the "Add/Drop" period and may take a few weeks to show up on a student's account.  The second disbursement occurs the week prior to the enrollment period for the following semester. 

In some cases, student do not fully complete the Tulsa Achieves application, respond to specific requests for further information or do not successfully complete the annual FAFSA requirement.  In such cases, Tulsa Achieves funds will only be applied after all such requirements have been met. 

If I receive Grant Aid, why should I take part in Tulsa Achieves?

· Students may see their financial situation change from year to year, impacting the grant aid they receive.  Tulsa Achieves students are guaranteed funding, no matter how their other funding changes.

· Pell awards are typically used for fall and spring semesters, with little or no funds left over for summer.  TA covers summer classes, even if a student has used all Pell funding.

· The University of Tulsa offers the “Tulsa Achieves Scholarship” to any Tulsa Achieves student attending TU.  For more information contact the TA office.

· While some students feel the volunteer service is inconvenient, it is designed to connect students with the Tulsa community so that they may gain valuable career experience and make career connections.  Studies also show that students engaged in volunteerism tend to perform better academically.

If you have specific questions about your Tulsa Achieves funding, email us at

What happens if I go over the 63 hour limit?

In the even that a student's semester enrollment exceeds the 63 hour limit, Tulsa Achieves funds will be applied up to the 63 hours limit.  Funding for any enrolled hours in excess of the 63 hour limit will be the student's responsibility.

Does Tulsa Achieves pay for my textbooks?

No, Tulsa Achieves does not cover the cost of books or supplies.

Why did Tulsa Achieves only pay part of my balance?

For students that did not live in Tulsa County all four years of high school, Tulsa Achieves pays for a percentage of a student's remaining balance.  To be eligible for Tulsa Achieves, students must reside in Tulsa County at the time of high school graduation.

  • 4 years of high school as a Tulsa County Resident - 100% of balance

  • Sophomore, Junior & Senior years completed as a Tulsa County Resident - 75% of balance

  • Junior & Senior years completed as a Tulsa County Resident - 50% of balance

  • Senior year completed as a Tulsa County Resident - 25% of balance

If a student attended four years of high school as a Tulsa County resident and Tulsa Achieves paid a percentage of the remaining balance, it is likely that the student has reached the 63 credit hour limit allowed by Tulsa Achieves.  Students will be responsible for charges accrued in excess of the 63 credit hours allowed by Tulsa Achieves.

Finally, Tulsa Achieves funds will only be applied to tuition and fees.  Tulsa Achieves funds cannot be applied to bookstore charges, parking fines, etc., accrued in the course of a semester.


Application and Deadline Questions

When do I apply to Tulsa Achieves?

Students should begin applying to Tulsa Achieves in February of their graduating year, which is typically the second semester of their senior year of high school.

What if I have taken concurrent courses with TCC while I was in high school--am I already signed up for Tulsa Achieves?

No, but you are able to skip a step in our application process; while you will still need to complete a Tulsa Achieves Program Agreement Form and file a FAFSA, you will not need to complete another TCC Application for Admission, as you are already a TCC student and have a TCC Student ID number.

I graduated high school early. Can I start with Tulsa Achieves in the spring?

No, Tulsa Achieves starts a new class of students, or "cohort", each fall semester. Students graduating early can attend TCC before that time, but Tulsa Achieves will not yet pay for tuition and fees. Students in this position can visit with TCC Financial Aid staff about other means of funding until Tulsa Achieves funding begins.

Can I take a year off after graduating high school before I start Tulsa Achieves?

No, Tulsa Achieves applicants are required to begin their studies at TCC the fall semester directly after high school graduation.

I have met the first application deadline for Tulsa Achieves, what now?

Once a student has completed our first application step, there are only a few more items left. Beginning in April, students can visit with Academic Advisors on any TCC campus to talk about fall enrollment. Students can also sign up for a TA101 session (which run from May-August each summer) using our webpage. The second application deadline for Tulsa Achieves is July 16th, and before that date students should bring in a final high school transcript indicating their graduation date and final GPA, submit test scores (ACT or Compass test*), and enroll for fall classes.

*Homeschool students are required to take the ACT.

I don't live in Tulsa County.  Am I eligible?

No.  Eligible Tulsa Achieves Applicants must be residents of Tulsa County. Students residing outside of Tulsa County are encouraged to visit the TCC Financial Aid department's Scholarships page.

I received a GED.  Am I eligible?

No.  Eligible Tulsa Achieves applicants must graduate from a public or private high school or home school in the same application year.


Contacting Tulsa Achieves

If you still have questions about your Tulsa Achieves status, funding, volunteer service or application, please email us-