TA Volunteer Agencies

Need Volunteers?

Sign up on the volunteermatch.org database. It's free for agencies, and always will be!


Here's how it works:

Tulsa Achieves worked with volunteermatch to create a custom database for TCC and the Tulsa Community. Any agency listed in the Tulsa Area will be automatically listed in the new TCC database. Here's what to do:

--Visit volunteermatch.org and create an account (the basic account is free, though agencies can sign up and pay to have additional features. Please note, agencies using only the basic account will be able to complete all tasks related to Tulsa Achieves, so a paid account is NOT necessary)

--Once you verify your agency, you can start posting Opportunities on the volunteermatch database. These will appear on the TCC/volunteermatch database that has been created, and our students will be able to find them.

--Students interested in your opportunity will "Sign Up", and once they have completed some hours, will be able to "Track" them. This is different from our old database, in that students will self-report their hours.

--When students have volunteered forty hours, they will be informed that they are eligible for "Rewards". As they submit their Rewards application, agencies with which they have volunteered will receive an email asking them to confirm or disconfirm the hours the student has Tracked. Once confirmed, the student's forty hours will be verified.