University Transfer Information

ABCs of Transferring from TCC to a Four-Year College

A. As soon as you decide which Oklahoma college you want to transfer into, sit down with the transfer representative from that college at TCC to review the transfer guide for that college or follow the links for transfer guides on this website. This will help ensure that you take exactly the courses you need for transfer

  • Contact information for Oklahoma four-year college representatives at TCC are listed in section "F" below.
  • You will also need to know what your major will be at the transfer institution, since specific courses often transfer into some majors but not others.

B. Build your TCC semester class schedule with expert advice from a TCC enrollment adviser. This will ensure that you get the latest and most accurate information on the courses you need.

  • Graduating from TCC with an A.A. or A.S. degree ensures that you do not have to take any more freshman or sophomore-level general education courses at a public, Oklahoma four-year college. Private and out-of-state schools may have additional requirements.
  • Out-of-state colleges/universities are not obligated to accept any of your major classes, unless TCC has what is called an "articulation agreement" with that college or university. Check with the out-of-state institution you plan to attend to see which courses you are taking here will transfer. Obtain e-mail/written confirmation.

C. Community college classes cost far less than the same classes at a four-year school, so take all the courses you can, which will count toward your four-year degree, at TCC. A TCC enrollment adviser or the transfer representative from the selected college will know which classes you should take for maximum transfer of course work.

D. Do remember that you must complete at least 60 credit hours at the four-year transfer school for your bachelor’s degree. If your bachelor’s degree requires a total of 120 credit hours, you will be able to transfer only 60 from TCC into the bachelor’s degree program.

E. Elective courses may not count toward course requirements for a bachelor’s degree - some courses transfer only as an elective, and some four-year degree programs allow few, if any, electives. Assuming that a course will count toward your specific four-year degree--without checking to be sure--can cost you time and money.

F. For general information on courses and degree programs that transfer, contact the TCC First-Stop Help Desk, 918.595.2010 or the online academic advisement website: or just walk into the advising office on any campus.

G. Get transfer degree requirements at the following area universities by contacting: