Which Math Course Should I Take?

Students taking MATH 0123 or MATH 0403 are required to take a linked college level co-requisite class (either MATH 1513 or MATH 1473) during the same semester. Taking both math classes at the same time should help you through college faster, with statistics showing it improves math completion rates.

When you enroll in MATH 0123 or MATH 0403, you must enroll in its linked co-requisite class simultaneously. Information about the linked class will display in the class schedule and will display if you attempt to enroll in one of the linked classes without the other class.

MATH 0123/1513 and MATH 0403/1473 have been developed to help students succeed in math skills that will be better aligned for their majors. Precalculus classes are geared for business or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related majors and Quantitative Reasoning classes are geared for non-STEM majors. Your advisor can help you identify which path is appropriate for your degree.  


Math Foundations (MATH 0003) to Math Foundations II (MATH 0013) to either Essentials for Precalculus (MATH 0123)/Precalculus I (MATH 1513) OR Essentials for Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 0403)/Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 1473)

Degrees Requiring MATH 1473 Quantitative Reasoning

AAS Accounting Associate:  Accounting Specialist

AAS Accounting Associate:  Acct Software App Spec

AAS Information Technology: Information Technology

AAS Information Technology: Networking & Cloud Computing

AAS Information Technology: Programming

AAS Information Technology: System Support Technician

AAS Information Technology: Web Development

AAS Information Technology: Website Management

AA Pre-Education:  Elementary & Secondary

AS Child Development: Early Childhood Education-NSU

AS Child Development: Early Childhood Education-OU

"AS Pre-Education: Physical Education

AA Pre-Education: Physical Education"

CER International Language Studies: Japanese

AA American Sign Language: ASL Studies

AA American Sign Language: Deaf Education

AA American Sign Language: Interpreter Education

AA American Sign Language: Services to the Deaf

AA Foreign Language: French

AA Foreign Language: Italian

AA Foreign Language: Japanese

AA Foreign Language: Spanish

AAS Interpreter Education

CER International Language Studies: French

CER International Language Studies: Italian

CER International Language Studies: Spanish     

CER International Language Studies: Spanish Interpreting

CER International Language Studies: Spanish Translating

CER Interpreter Education

AA Communication Arts & Technologies: Communication

AA Communication Arts: Journalism/Electronic & Broadcast

AA Communication Arts: Journalism/Strategic Communication

AA Communication Arts & Technologies: English

AA Art

AA Liberal Arts: Film Emphasis

AA Music

AA: Theatre

AAS Cardiovascular Technology

AAS Cardiovascular Technology Applicant

AAS Radiography 

AAS Radiography Applicant

AA Liberal Arts

AA Liberal Arts: American Studies Emphasis

AA Liberal Arts: International Emphasis

AA Liberal Arts: Native American Emphasis

AA Social Science: Criminal Justice

AAS Human Services

AS Human Services: Child and Family Services

AS Human Services: Pre-Social Work

AA Social Science: Humanities

AA Social Science: Philosophy

AA Social Science: Religious Studies

AA Social Science: Psychology

AA Social Science: Sociology

AA Social Science: History

AA Social Science: Political Science

Degrees Requiring MATH 1513 PreCalculus I

AS Business: Accounting

AS Business: Economics

AS Business: Management Information Systems

AS: Computer Information Systems

AA Paralegal Studies

AS Business: Business Administration

AS Business: Management

AS International Business

AS Marketing: Merchandising

AS Marketing*

AAS Marketing*

AS Biotechnology

AS Chemistry

AS Pre-Pharmacy

AS Biology

AS Environmental Science and Natural Resources

AS Nutritional Sciences: Allied Health

AS Nutritional Sciences: Community Nutrition

AS Nutritional Sciences: Dietetics

AS Geography

AS Geology

AS Pre-Nursing

AS Health/Human Performance

AS Pre-Prof Health Science:  Pre-Veterinary Medicine

AS Pre-Prof Health Science: Pre-Dentistry/Medicine/Optometry

AS Pre-Prof Health Sciences:  Pre-Medical Imaging

AS Pre-Prof Health Sciences:  Pre-Occupational Therapy

AS Pre-Prof Health Sciences:  Pre-Physical Therapy

AAS Diagnostic Medical Sonography

AAS Diagnostic Medical Sonography Applicant

AAS Engineering Technology:  Manufacturing Technology

AAS Engineering Technology:  Process Technology

AAS Engineering Technology:  Surveying Technology

AAS Engineering Technology: Geographic Information Systems

AAS Aviation Sciences: Air Traffic Control

AAS Aviation Sciences Technology: Management

AAS Aviation Sciences Technology: Professional Pilot

AS Child Development: Child and Family-OSU

*Degree allows MATH 1353 Business Math as Alternative 
** Degree allows MATH 1473 Quantitative Reasoning as Alternative

Degrees Requiring MATH 2114 Calculus (Requires MATH 1513 or equivalent)

AS Mathematics

AS Physics

AS Engineering

AS Engineering:  Computer Engineering

AS Engineering:  Electrical Engineering

AS Engineering: Electrical Engineering Technology

AS Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

Degrees Requiring MATH 1454 Technical Math

AAS Digital Media:  Radio Production Specialist

AAS Digital Media: Adobe Master Design Specialist

AAS Digital Media: Broadcast Production Specialist

AAS Digital Media: Multimedia Reporting Specialist

AAS Digital Media: Specialist

AAS Digital Media: Web Design Specialist

CER Digital Media

CER Manufacturing Production Technician

AAS Engineering Tech: Manufacturing Production Technician*

AAS Engineering Technology: Quality Technology*

CER Quality Technology*

AAS Engineering Technology: Drafting & Design Technology**

CER Drafting & Design Engineering Technology**

AAS Electronics Technology: Biomedical Equipment Technology**

AAS Electronics Technology: Electrical Substation Technology**

AAS Electronics Technology: Electronics Technologist**

CER Electronics Technology**

CER Electronics Technology: Biomedical Equipment Technology**

CER Electronics Technology: Electrical Substation Technology**

*Degrees allow MATH 1513 as alternative
** Degrees allow MATH 1513 if MATH 1613 is also taken