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Since late 2007, TCC has awarded 280 certificates of achievement and/or associate degrees to students who are incarcerated. Both male and female offenders have earned Certificates in areas such as Computers, Hotel & Restaurant Management, and Landscape Design. They have earned Associate degrees in Business, Enterprise Development and more. These success stories are why TCC is committed to ensuring offenders who are serious about changing their lives are not denied an education due to lack of funding.

Research shows that students who complete college classes while incarcerated are more likely to become productive citizens. Our results substantiate this. Based on data compiled in July 2013, 128 program participants have been released. Only 6 male participants have re-offended, and no female participants have re-offended. This is a 4.9% recidivism rate. This is a significant indicator of success, when compared a state average of over 20%.

Research also shows that most people who are incarcerated are from low-income families unable to help pay for college expenses. And, incarcerated offenders are not eligible for state or federal financial aid. The Second Chance Scholarship raises private dollars to help cover the cost of tuition and textbooks.

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To date, most Second Chance Scholarship dollars have been used to fill the gap after the federal Youthful Offender Grant dollars have been exhausted. However, Congress did not renew this grant, which has been the financial base for TCC's Corrections Education Program for the past three years. The lack of funding makes the Second Chance Scholarship even more important.

For more information, call 918-595-8033.