Financial Aid Warning and Suspension

Financial aid recipients must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 and complete at least 67 percent of their classes each term to remain in good standing. Students who do not meet these requirements risk their continued financial aid eligibility. All students receiving financial aid should discuss academic standards of progress with an advisor or counselor to assure that expectations for maintaining good grades and making steady progress toward a degree or certificate are clearly understood.

Financial Aid Warning

  • Students not meeting grade point average (qualitative) requirements will be placed on a warning status.
  • Students not meeting the percent completion rate (quantitative) requirements will be placed on warning status.
  • Students placed on a warning status will be allowed to continue with Title IV funds for the next semester of enrollment.
  • At the end of the “warning” period, the student’s SAP will be re-evaluated.
  • Students are only eligible for one semester on warning status during their TCC academic history.

Financial Aid Suspension

  • Students on warning status who do not meet the quantitative and/or qualitative requirements outlined below are suspended and not eligible for Title IV funding.
  • For students to continue attendance at TCC, they must be prepared to pay for program costs without the benefit of federal financial aid Title IV funding.
  • Students may file an appeal of suspension, see Re-establishing Eligibility and Section VI: Financial Aid Appeal Process.

For the standards used to measure quantitative and/or qualitative requirements, see the related page: Satisfactory Academic Progress.

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Financial Aid Suspension