24 Hour Rule

I have questions about proficiency requirements and the 24-hour rule.
All students are expected to show proficiency in reading, English and math before the student reaches 24 attempted credit hours. Most classes require at least one type of proficiency. Proficiency is established in three ways:

1. ACT scores of 19 or more in each of the three areas listed above.

2. Appropriate test scores on the COMPASS placement test.

3. Appropriate course work and grades from a prior college. For example: Completing ENGL-1113 Principles of English Composition at OU will meet the English proficency requirement at TCC.

If the student does not meet proficiency in one of these areas, he/she will need to remediate by taking the appropriate zero-level, developmental courses.

*Reading proficiency is required for all general education classes.
* Reading AND English proficiency are required before a student can take ENGL-1113 Freshman Comp I.

If you have further questions about proficiency, please visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor.