Credit Hours

What is a credit hour?
A credit hour is a way of measuring the academic time to which a class is equivalent. It represents the number of hours per week a student will physically be sitting in a class for a 16-week period. This will total 48 hours for a three-credit hour class. To break it down further, a three-credit hour class like ENGL-1113 Freshman Composition I, will meet for three hours per week for 16 weeks. Those three hours may be split up any number of ways such as two days for one hour and 30 minutes, three days for one hour, or one day for three hours. 

Fast-track classes are equal to the same number of credits, but meet more hours per week to achieve the total 48 hours in fewer weeks.  For example, a three-credit hour class like ENGL-1113 Freshman Composition I as an eight-week, fast -rack class will meet six hours a week for eight weeks. Likewise, if it is in a four-week, fast-track format, the class will meet 12 hours per week for four weeks.

How can I tell how many credit hours a class is worth?
The last number in a class’s course number will indicate how many credits it is worth. For example, ENGL-1113 Freshman Composition I is a three-credit hour course as indicated by the three at the end of ENGL-1113. Likewise, BIOL-1224 Biology for Majors is a four-credit hour class. 

How many credit hours do I have?
You can find this information by viewing your unofficial transcript in MyTCC and looking at “earned hours” column under your most recent semester. There will be three numbers in this column corresponding to the three categories at the left. The first is “Institutional,” which refers to the number of credits you’ve earned at TCC. The second is “Transfer,” which refers to the number of credits you’ve earned at other institutions. The third is “Overall,” which is the sum of the first two numbers. This is the number of credit hours you have completed.

For instructions on viewing your unofficial transcript, see the link below:

You can also visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor for further questions about your total number of credit hours.