Transferring Credits

How do I transfer credits to TCC?
After applying to Tulsa Community College, you would need to submit official transcripts from your previous school. Once you are enrolled in classes, Enrollment Services will formally evaluate those transcripts to see if the courses from the previous college are equivalent to TCC's courses. Due to the high volume of transcripts that need to be evaluated, it can take a few months for that evaluation to happen.  

Once the transcripts have been evaluated, all of your transfer work would become part of your TCC transcript. If some classes did not equate that maybe should have in your mind, then you can speak to an advisor about submitting substitution requests for those classes.  You will usually need to get course descriptions (and, if possible, the course syllabus) that you are requesting to be used as substitutions. The substitution request would be reviewed by a committee, and any necessary changes would be made pending their decision.

You can visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor for further questions about transferring credits.

How will my credits transfer to another college or university?
In general, if you are transferring to a public school in Oklahoma, an advisor can provide you with reasonably accurate information on what will and won’t transfer to another school. But, no matter if a school is in state or out of state, public or private, the college you are transferring to will be the best source of information since it will ultimately be the school accepting the credits. You are encouraged to initiate a dialogue with your transfer school.