Degree Evaluation

A Degree Evaluation is a document that helps guide students in selecting the correct courses that are required for their chosen majors at TCC.

A Degree Evaluation contains the following information:

  • The classes that remain to be taken within the chosen major.
  • Credits students have already completed that apply to the chosen major.
  • Credits students have completed that do not apply to the chosen major.

In order for a student to gain access to his/her degree evaluation, he/she must first declare a major by visiting any campus Advisement Center or Enrollment Services office.

Students may receive a Degree Evaluation at any campus Advisement Center.

It is important to have all previously attended college official transcripts turned in to the Enrollment Services office, so credits can be evaluated and updated on the student's TCC transcript.

If there are questions over college transfer credits, or possible course substitutions that need to be applied, go to any campus Advisement Center and speak with an advisor. Sometimes official course descriptions from the year the class was taken at another institution are required to be submitted for a course evaluation. This process is handled by the student at any TCC campus Advisement Center.

Degree Audit

Which degree am I closest to earning with my current credits?
First make sure that TCC has received official transcripts from any colleges you have ever attended. Then visit an advisor in person or contact our Online Advisor.

How can I get a degree audit without seeing an advisor?
We highly encourage meeting with an advisor regularly, but we also know that may not always be possible. Follow these steps to determine what classes you have left toward your degree:

1. Find your degree plan in the catalog. Degree plans are listed alphabetically (e.g. Accounting, Biology, Business, etc.)

Many degrees are offered as both A.A., A.S. transfer degrees and as A.A.S. workforce degrees. Make sure that below the title of the degree, next to the bold heading “Degree Awarded.” it shows the type of degree you desire (Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Applied Science). If you are planning to transfer to a specific college, make sure to consult with your senior (four-year) university about which TCC classes/degree plans to follow.

*For help with reading and understanding your degree plan, see the "Reading Your Degree Plan" FAQ at left.

2. Look up your unofficial transcript in MYTCC. 

3. Referencing your unofficial transcript, cross off any courses on the degree plan that you have completed with a C or better. Some classes are considered passing with a D. Consult an adviser for details. 

4. After you have crossed off all of your completed classes in the degree plan, you will have a list of your remaining degree requirements.