Enrollment Services Registration Hold: TOEFL Required

Enrollment Services Registration Hold: TOEFL Required

Why the hold is on your account

o   The TOEFL exam is used to evaluate the English Proficiency of individuals who speak English as a second language. The primary purpose of the Institutional TOEFL exam is to measure English proficiency for admission to college-level courses at TCC. A TOEFL Hold means that the student did not graduate high school from an English speaking country and therefore must demonstrate English proficiency.

Please note that the Institutional TOEFL is only good at the institution where it is taken. It cannot be sent to another college at a later date.

What the hold is blocking or preventing

o   The TOEFL Hold will prevent a student from registering for classes.

How to get the hold removed from your account

o   The student will need to contact the TCC Testing Center to get registered to take the TOEFL exam. Below is a link to the Testing Center TOEFL information.