How to Print a Class Schedule

How to View and Print Your Class Schedule in MYTCC

  1. Start at the TCC home page
  2. Click on the MYTCC link at the top/middle of the page.
  3. This will bring you to the login screen. Your TCC ID will be your campuswide student ID which will start with a capital "T" and be followed by eight numbers. Your Password will start out as your six digit birthday (mm/dd/yr). If it is your first time logging in, the system will prompt you to create a new password and a security question. If you are a current student, you will use the same password that you previously used in TED. If you have trouble logging in, call 918.595.2000.
  4. Once you log in, you will see a series of tabs across the top of the page. Click on the one labeled "My Account."
  5. On the next page, look at the "Registration Tools" section located on the left hand side of the page.
  6. Choose the option "My Schedule".
  7. At this point, you will see four options to choose from. Those options are: Home > Student > Registration > Select Term
  8. Select the "Registration" option.
  9. Select the link for "View and Print Your Class Schedule".
  10. The "Registration Term" page wants to know what semester or term's class schedule you want to browse. Select the current "term" or semester from the drop-down box and then click "submit."
  11. From the next list of links, choose the one called "View and Print Your Class Schedule."
  12. This should bring up your class schedule. From here, choose the "File" option in the web browser, and select print from the drop down menu.