What are the facts and benefits of career exploration?



The following information is used with the permission of ACT and is taken from the ACT DISCOVER Career Development Curricula for Colleges.

  • You will spend more than 80,000 hours of your life working! Why spend it doing something you don't enjoy?
  • The occupation you choose has a big impact on many aspects of your life. Narrowing your choices somewhat helps to define your lifestyle and gives you a clearer picture of who you are.
  • Career exploration helps you learn more about yourself. Learning more about your interests and preferences enables you to form more meaningful relationships with friends and significant others.
  • People gain decision-making skills and occupational knowledge through career planning activities.
  • When you are faced with many, many career options, you may not take the time to explore them in depth: instead, you may feel overwhelmed!
  • Good decision-makers take time exploring options and are able to make informed, satisfying decisions.
  • Career planning results in having realistic career goals.
  • Students who engage in career exploration programs report higher grades and feel better prepared for the future compared to students who do not.
  • Career exploration helps people face and find solutions to educational and career barriers.
  • Career exploration helps people develop a support network and learn where to go when help is needed.
  • Students who have completed career exploration have more confidence in themselves and are more motivated to achieve their goals.