Costs and Payments

Important changes have been made in the student enrollment and payment processes. Deadlines for payment have changed that can affect your access to student records and your enrollment in courses at Tulsa Community College. TCC officially communicates with students through their MyTCC email account provided by the College. You must regularly check e-mails or log in to MyTCC for important college information.

Student Account Payment Policy
In order to guarantee enrollment, it is the policy of Tulsa Community College that students must make college approved payment arrangements for classes (effective October 2011).  The following options are available:

TCC Payment Methods
Tulsa Community College accepts payment by cash, check, money order, cashier’s check, travelers check, gift certificates, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and ACH (checking/savings account).

Student Holds and Enrollment
Any student enrolling at Tulsa Community College must now have a zero balance on his/her student account in order to enroll for the upcoming semester. Students with outstanding balances will have holds placed on their records and will not be able to enroll for the upcoming term or obtain their official College records until their balance is paid in full.

Students who have been packaged for financial aid for spring and have a current balance should provide evidence of their package to the Bursar's office. At that time the Bursar will remove the hold for spring enrollment. If the individual continues to receive communications regarding an unpaid balance from fall through this semester and they have already presented evidence of being packaged for aid for the spring semester, they should disregard the messages. However, once the spring semester begins, they will be expected to ensure their fall balance is addressed.

  • Before attempting to enroll for an upcoming semester, log in to to check your account balance. Payments may be made online through self-service or in the Bursar Office on any campus.
  • To view your bill or enroll in a payment plan, click the “student account” link or the “account balance” link on TCC does not mail paper statements.
  • Always check your class schedule before logging out to ensure you have successfully added or dropped courses. To adjust your schedule or drop from classes use the add/drop link on the registration tab in

How to Pay for Classes

Students can sign-up online to pay in full or pay cash in person at any campus Bursar Office. There is no administrative fee if the student is paying in full up front.

Students can go online and choose a payment plan. There is a $35 dollar non-refundable service fee for students who select a payment plan. 

Students who have met priority financial aid deadlines by turning in all requested documents and are qualified to receive financial aid willbe registered into classes.

Financial Aid Priority Deadlines:

  • June 1st - Fall Semester

  • November 1st - Spring Semester

  • April 1st - Summer Semester

Students can use a third party method of payment under the conditions that the college can verify the payment source or that the student can provide acceptable documentation of the payment source.

TCC Verified Third-Party Payments

  • General Tuition Waiver

  • Tulsa Achieves Program

  • *Oklahoma's Promise/OHLAP

  • *Grants (Tribal, Veterans, Voc Rehab)

  • ACE Waiver

  • Senior Citizen Waiver

**Student Verified Third-Party Payments

  • Employee Reimbursement

  • Scholarships

  • Other

*If required, the student must identify their status to the appropriate college official or office.
**The student will need to present in person to any campus Bursar Office to determine if the form of payment qualifies prior to enrollment.

How to Drop Classes
Students with approved financial aid or a qualified third party payment agreement are responsible for dropping courses prior to the refund deadline in order to avoid charges. Consult the TCC catalog or click on "Academic Calendar" under About TCC for more information.

Students may drop classes without penalty and receive a refund of charges during the schedule adjustment period. The schedule adjustment period is as follows:

16-week courses

 The first two weeks of class

Eight-week courses

 The first week of class

Classes shorter than eight-weeks

 Before 5 p.m. on the second day of class for all Internet classes or before 5 p.m. of
 the next business day for all other classes

View Refund Policy

Students should drop classes via Any student who encounters problems while attempting to drop a class should contact his/her campus Enrollment Services/Registration Office immediately.