How to Register

  1. Meet all admissions and academic standards to attend Tulsa Community College (TCC).

  2. Complete and submit the Accommodation Request Form.

  3. Self-identify and submit appropriate professional documentation in accordance with guidelines to the Education Access Center, at Tulsa Community College's Metro Campus. (See Documentation Guidelines). A Disability Resources professional staff member will review the documentation to determine eligibility for academic accommodations. If the documentation does not meet guidelines or is insufficient to make an eligibility determination, additional information may be requested by a Disability Resources professional staff member at the student’s expense.

  4. At the initial intake appointment, a Disability Resources professional staff member will engage in an interactive process to discuss the student’s individual academic accommodation needs, rights and responsibilities. Disability Resources will work with the student to to find accommodations that promote an equal educational opportunity while attending Tulsa Community College.

  5. Documentation can provide by:

909 S. Boston Ave. Room MC331B
Attn: Education Access Center
Tulsa, OK 74119