Admissions Requirements for Financial Aid

Admission Requirements for Financial Aid Recipients

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Admission Requirements: An Overview

In order to receive Financial Aid, students must be fully admitted to TCC
To be fully admitted students must submit a TCC Admissions Application, and submit official transcripts from high school and previously attended colleges/universities. Students must also submit ACT or GED scores, if available. If a student's admission is incomplete financial aid will not be processed. To better understand admission requirements students should contact an Enrollment Services Office. 

To receive Financial Aid, a student must be admitted as a degree-seeking student in an eligible degree or certificate program. Students who fail to enroll in an eligible major will not have their financial aid processed. Students can change their major through Enrollment Services.  

Requests for official GED or ACT scores, academic transcripts from previously attended high schools, postsecondary schools, colleges and universities must be satisfied by the student. All transcripts and test scores must be on file to receive Financial Aid. 

Students who start school for the first time after July 1, 2012 must either have a valid high school diploma or official GED scores in order to receive Financial Aid. In years past, students who did not have a diploma or GED scores were allowed to demonstrate ability-to-benefit (ATB) through standardized tests in order to establish aid eligibility. Schools are no longer allowed to use the ability-to-benefit method for aid eligibility for students starting school after July 1, 2012. Transcripts and tests scores can only be submitted to Enrollment Services. Financial Aid offices cannot process transcripts. 

Below is a list of admission requirements financial aid students will need to meet in order to be eligible for financial aid.
Admission Checklist for Financial Aid

  • Apply for Admission
    • All TCC students must apply for admission to the college. Returning students must re-apply to the college after a period of absence. 
  • Satisfy missing admission requirements
    • Once you apply, check with Enrollment Services to verify if you have any missing requirements on your application. Requirements can include missing transcripts, missing test scores or other requirements.
  • Submit missing credentials
    • Missing credentials can include: college transcripts, high school transcript, GED scores and ACT scores.
    • Most financial aid recipients must document they have graduated high school or completed a recognized equivalent. 
  • Declare a major
    • Students must be classified as degree-seeking in order to receive financial aid. Not all degrees offered by TCC are eligible for financial aid. Students can declare or change majors at any Enrollment Service Office.
  • Enroll in credit courses for the semester
  • Attend class

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