Withdrawals: Return of Financial Aid

Withdrawals and Drops: When Aid is Returned

Generally speaking, students are paid financial aid at the beginning of the semester. The payment is based on the assumption that students will complete all of the hours for which they enrolled.  When a student withdraws from a course or is withdrawn by a faculty member there is a possibility the withdrawal may result in a partial or total return of aid for that semester. When a Financial Aid office is required to return aid in this situation then this is called a Return of Title IV. This return may result in the student owing money to TCC or even the Department of Education, which may negatively impact future enrollment at TCC and future eligibility of financial aid at any school.

Additionally, a withdrawal will negatively impact a student's pace (formerly known at completion rate), which is a key component in Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students who withdraw too many times will be suspended from receiving financial aid and scholarships at TCC.

It is important to note that per changes made to federal regulations regarding financial aid in 2011, a withdrawal from a single class may result in a student's aid being returned. Therefore, before withdrawing, financial aid recipients should visit a TCC Financial Aid Office for advisement regarding how the withdrawal will affect their future receipt of financial aid funds.

To fully understand the withdrawal process and its impact, students should consult with Academic Advisement, Enrollment Services, and Financial Aid offices.   

Term Definitions

Drop: Drops occurs when a course is dropped from a student’s schedule during the designated drop/add period at the beginning of the course. A drop relieves student of payment for the course. The course will not appear on the official transcript and will not impact a student's Satisfactory Academic Progress. A drop may result in aid being returned if the student received financial aid for the course before the drop was initiated. 

Withdraw: A withdrawal occurs when a student elects to withdraw from a course after the drop/add period has ended. The student is still obligated for the cost of the class. The course will appear on the student’s official transcript as a “W.” A withdrawal will negatively impact a student’s pace, which is a component of a financial aid recipient’s Satisfactory Academic Progress. Too many withdrawals can lead to a student being suspended from financial aid. There are other types of withdrawals that are initiated by TCC staff or faculty members. These withdrawals are related to a student's failure to properly attend a course for which he/she is currently enrolled. 

Students may be withdrawn from a class by a faculty member.