FWS Supervisor Information

The following are the new steps for requesting a Federal Work-Study position:

  1. Supervisors submit Federal Work-Study Request for Positions form (included in the Supervisor's Handbook) on an annual basis as part of project management. Each cabinet member receives a copy of the requests separate from Project Management.
  2. Dollars are allocated to each cabinet member.
  3. Cabinet member meets with supervisors to review, discuss and prioritize requests.
  4. Each cabinet member submits list to Human Resources, HR compiles a list of requested positions – summarizing numbers of positions requested, hours, dollars, etc. Job code numbers will be assigned at this time.
  5. Approved lists are distributed to Student Financial Services, Human Resources, Student Employment Representatives – supervisors will be notified.
  6. Supervisors can hire from approved list of positions. Positions will be considered 'open reqs' in HR for the fiscal year.