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These FREE classes begin August 25, 2014!

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12:30pm SPIN/BC HIIT SPIN/BC HIIT Friday Mashup
2:00pm Yoga        
3:30pm    Zumba    Zumba  

Strenghth & Power

*must sign up*


Strength & Power

*must sign up*

 6:00pm SAQ  Chisel    Chisel  

Spin- A vigorous  exercise program for all ages that utilizes a specially designed stationary bicycle and a series of cycling movements that provide the participant with both a physical and mental workout. Spinning enhances cardiovascular fitness, improves muscle tone and muscular endurance. (45 min)

Yoga - A mind body workout designed to improve health, athletic performance, and mental acuity in people of all ages and fitness levels. (45 min)

ZumbaCombines Latin dancing with interval and resistance training for a full-body, rhythmic workout. Zumba focuses on creating a party-like workout environment. Come join the party! (45-60 min)

Chisel– This class is designed to help chisel your body, with a major emphasis on strength training using secondary items such as dumbbells, barbells, benches, Bosu’s and your own body weight. This class is adaptable for everyone (45 min.).

“H.I.I.T.”- Interval training executed at high intensity by combining weightlifting and cardio movements. H.I.I.T. is aimed at increasing several domains of fitness: cardio endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, and balance. H.I.T.T uses bouts of intense training coupled with rest periods.Accelerate your fitness improvements and experience how time can fly during a workout when you are having fun! (30 min)

Strength & Power- A needs based, goal oriented class that will help improve your total body strength & power!  Sign up for this 12 week class!               Classes start Sept. 3 to Nov. 19; M & W 4pm-5pm 

Spin BC - Spin Boot Camp, Combining Spin class with some strength training using dumbbells, kettle bells, your own body weight, etc.  Come ready to SWEAT!! (45 min)

Friday Mashup - Instructor's choice!  Come get your sweat on with a workout that includes anything from Kickboxing, Spin, Boot Camp, Yoga, and more.  (45 min)

*There must be a minimum of 2 participants for a class to make ** All classes are designed for ALL fitness levels.