Rules & Regulations

Eligibility of Use

1.    Currently enrolled students, full-time faculty or staff members are eligible to use any TCC Fitness Center free of charge. All members must present a valid TCC ID and sign a Legal Waiver/Liablity form prior to using the facility.

2.     Retirees, part-time employees and members of Alumni & Friends may purchase a Fitness Center membership or enroll in a credit class.Currently enrolled students, full-time faculty or staff members are eligible to use the Fitness Center. All members must present a valid TCC ID and sign a Waiver/Legal Liability Form prior to using any TCC Fitness Center.

Not a Current Student?
Membership is open to all graduates, former TCC students, faculty, staff and friends of the college.  Members must be 18 years of age to join.  Memberships can be purchased at any Student Activities Offices.

 The fees for gym membership are:

  • Fall Semester: $60
  • Spring Semester: $60
  • Summer Semester: $30

Operational Rules & Regulations

1.     Each person must present a properly validated TCC ID for admittance.  No exceptions will be allowed.

2.     Each person will enter and exit the Fitness Center through the main entrance.  Other exits will only be used in emergencies only.

3.     The Fitness Center is a tobacco-free facility.

4.     No food or drink in the Fitness Center with the exception of bottled water.

5.     Proper attire must be worn in every area of the Fitness Center.  Denim clothing and altered tops are not allowed.  Tank tops must cover back and midriff (no sports bras or muscle tank tops).  Athletic shoes must be worn at all times. 

6.     Clean-soled gym shoes must be worn when using the basketball courts, track, training areas and aerobic floor.

7.     Individuals are not allowed to solicit nutritional supplements or other services, such as personal training, in the Fitness Center.

8.     For the safety of our members, TCC requires that all exercise routines or programs be designed, demonstrated, and instructed by TCC Fitness Center Staff or assigned representatives only. 

9.     All personal property and belongings must be properly stored while using the Fitness Center.  Backpacks, clothing or similar items should not be left unattended as they interfere with the proper use of the facility and are easily taken by others. TCC assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.

10.   Fitness Staff may develop specific rules as deemed necessary.

Cardiovascular Area

1.     Please limit yourself to 30-minutes on all cardiovascular equipment, 20-minutes during peak times.

2.     Towels and disinfectant will be available in this area for cleaning and wiping down pads and equipment after each use.  Towels are not for showering purposes.  Do not spray the console areas of the cardiovascular equipment.

3.     Ask for assistance before adjusting televisions.

4.     You may bring headphones to listen to the television.


1.     The track is an exercise area and may not be used by spectators.  Stopping or standing on the track will not be allowed.  Clean-soled shoes must be worn on the track.

2.     To promote even wear on the track surface, direction of use will be alternated.  Always travel in the designated direction.

Weight Training Area

1.     Towels and disinfectant will be available in this area for cleaning and wiping down equipment after each use.  Towels are not for showering purposes.

2.     Improper use of the equipment, such as bouncing mechanisms or dropping weights will not be tolerated.

3.     Weight training can be dangerous.  Users should always be aware of others around you and use spotters when working with free weights.  Stay clear of weight stacks and do not drop weights.

4.     All weights must be returned to racks when not in use.  Weights may not be removed from the weight training area.

Basketball Courts

1.     Proper athletic attire, including non-marking gym shoes must be worn at all times.

2.     No profanity, no spitting and no dunking allowed.

Aerobic Area

1.     Proper athletic attire, including shirts and gym shoes must be worn at all times.  Sandals or open-toed shoes are not allowed.  Tank tops must cover back and mid-drift.

2.     Clean-soled gym shoes must be worn when using the aerobics floor.

3.     The privacy of others during aerobic exercise periods must be respected.  Loitering in the aerobic room is prohibited.

Climbing Wall (Southeast & West)

1.     All participants must be certified before using the wall.

2.     Current certification must be on file while climbing.

3.     No one will be allowed to climb alone on the rock climbing wall, a certified belay person must be assisting at all times.

4.     Climbers are only allowed to climb during designated operating hours.

5.     No outside climbing equipment may be used on the rock-climbing wall unless inspected and approved by the Fitness Specialists.

Lockers & Towels

1.     Lockers are available to Fitness Center members for $10 per semester. 

2.     Lockers are also available for use on a daily basis.  The daily lockers must be emptied before closing each day. 

3.     Towel service will be available for $5.00 per semester.