Advanced Credit by Examination


TCC offers advanced credit by examination as a service to students who want to receive advanced credit for international languages by taking and passing an examination over previously learned material.

Students who believe they are qualified to earn college credit as a result of previous training or experience may do so by taking either the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject exams or TCC departmental exams. CLEP may not be used for most foreign languages. The exception are French and Spanish.

Advanced Standing Credit by Exam
Students who believe they are qualified to establish college credit as a result of previous training or experience should inquire about Advanced Standing options. Credit is limited to existing TCC courses. Students who establish credit through Advanced Standing will be assigned a grade of “S” on their record to indicate successful completion. No more than one-half the hours presented for a certificate or an associate degree may be in Advanced Standing credit. All Advanced Standing credit must be validated by successful completion of 12 semester hours of resident academic work. Fees for Advanced Standing tests are listed in the Tuition and Fees section. No refund of fees will be given for Advanced Standing examinations that are not passed. Credit for military training falls under the American Council on Education (ACE) guide as extra institutional credit. TCC may recognize these credits as Advanced Standing. Questions relating to Adv. standing testing should be directed to the Counseling and Testing Office. Credit may be established by several different methods. More information about Advanced Standing testing can be found in the Counseling and Testing Offices on each campus or online at

I. Credit may be established in specific academic programs by the evaluation of documents indicating formaleducation, test scores, and/or transcripts relating directly to a specific course. These documents will be reviewed by the related academic division or designate and the ensuing recommendation will be considered final. Contact the Enrollment Services Office for procedures.

II. In order to qualify for Adv. standing credit or Adv. standing examinations given at TCC, a student must 1) be or have been enrolled, 2) complete twelve semester hours of resident academic work, 3) complete the application for Adv. standing credit and receive approval, 4) pay for the Adv. standing exam, and 5) have not taken the examination within the last six months. Fees for the departmental examination are to be paid prior to the end of the fifth week of a regular semester (second week of a summer semester). Fees for the CLEP exams are paid on the testing date. The Adv. standing examinations are administered during the ninth week of the semester (fifth week of the summer semester).

For information about foreign language credit by advanced standing examination please contact:

Metro Campus
Associate Dean, Communication Services
DeAnna Cooper
Northeast Campus
Associate Dean, Communication Services
Jocelyn Whitney
Southeast Campus
Associate Dean, Communications Services
Kara Ryan-Johnson
West Campus
Associate Dean, Liberal Arts
Karen Harmon-Miletell