French Is a Major World Language!
French has long been the language of international politics and is currently spoken in more than 30 countries around the world. Because it is spoken so widely, French is an excellent language for travel as well as for international business.

 "Une personne qui parle deux langues vaut deux personnes."
(A person who speaks two languages is worth two people)

French is fun and easy to learn!
Our English language has been strongly influenced by French. As a result, many French words have identical or nearly identical counterparts in English. As an example, compare the names of these musical instruments:

une batterie


une guitare


un piano


un saxophone


une trompette


un vilon


The similarities between French and English are almost endless!

Learning French has many rewards!
You can open many doors by learning French. Traveling abroad will be more enjoyable. You will have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with a rich culture, beautiful art and incredible cuisine. And finally, you will possess a valuable skill, which can be marketed both in the United States and abroad.

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