Learn the Greek Language!
Modern Greek is a course designed to teach the student to communicate in the standard Greek language of today. While emphasis is on the communicative aspect of the language, there is a rigorous examination of the underlying grammatical structure, Greek is an inflectional language; it has endings and cases that specify person and gender as well as tense and mood.

The most exciting aspect of studying Modern Greek is the insight one gains into English. It is estimated that there are approximately 45,000 Greek words in the English language. By identifying the Greek root words, one enriches his or her own English vocabulary and improves tremendously his or her own style of expression. It becomes more direct, concise, clear and elegant.

The dialogues used in the course are standard Greek as spoken by native speakers in Greece and throughout the world, especially in the United States, Great Britain and Australia where there are large pockets of Greek immigrants. Also, the course is filled with many lessons on Greek culture. The food, entertainment, the history and geography, the native dancing and festivals, the education and the religion all help to define the Greek people of today. Come aboard the magic carpet of the Modern Greek language to the cradle of Western civilization. You'll marvel at what lies before you!

The Greek language and culture impact our lives everyday. Courses are designed to instruct the student in understanding, speaking, reading and writing in Greek. You will also be introduced to New Testament Greek with an emphasis on work with biblical texts and Biblical Greek grammar.

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