Beginning Courses in Japanese Are Offered Every Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters!
Japan is one of the world's leading nations in industry and trade. Knowing Japanese a definite asset for anybody involved in international business. It helps both in carrying out business negotiations and in understanding how the Japanese think.

In addition to its economic importance of today, Japan is a country with lasting cultural traditions. Its works of art and beautiful ceremonies are famous throughout the world. Learning Japanese through TCC's International Language Center is one way to explore the rich culture of Japan.

The suggested curriculum for an Associate in Arts degree offered through Tulsa Community College includes requirements and courses generally completed in the first two years of a four-year curriculum. Students should consult the catalog of the college or university to which they are planning to transfer and carefully select courses that will meet the requirements for both the baccalaureate and associate degree programs.

Japanese history, language and culture impact our lives everyday. Courses are designed to introduce you the literature, history, geography and arts of Japanese society while learning to speak fluently, and with a chance to study abroad.

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