Learn the Basis for the Romance Languages

Do you know what "status quo" means?

Or what "e.g.," "etc.," and "i.e.," stand for?

Studying Latin at Tulsa Community College's International Language Center is the only way to learn these things and more!

Did you know...

  • English, French, Italian and Spanish come directly from Latin?
  • Many Latin phrases and words are used in law, scientific, technical and medical terminology?
  • Latin courses from TCC transfer to many other programs including the letters program from the University of Oklahoma?
  • High school Juniors and Seniors can enroll in Latin at TCC?
  • Studies show that students who have Latin score higher on standardized tests and the ACT and SAT?
  • Latin is offered through the Internet.

Latin is not a dead language and impacts our lives everyday. Courses are designed to introduce the student to Latin with instruction in understanding, speaking, reading and writing this classical language.

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