Estimate of Expenses

International students must submit official original documents that demonstrate the ability to pay for educational and living expenses for a minimum of one year.

Required funds:  2013-2014

All costs are approximate and subject to change without notice.  These are the costs for international students in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Most Majors           Nursing and Allied Health Majors  
Tuition/Fees     $  7,694         Tuition/Fees                           $  9699
Living Expenses     $11,490         Living Expenses          $11,490
Books/Transportation   $  3,800         Books/Transportation               $  3,800
    $22,984             $24,989


ESL Institute  
Tuition/Fees   $8280
Living Expenses $11,490
Books/Transportation   $3,800


International students must add an additional $5,000 if a spouse will accompany you.  An additional $4,500 must be added for each child that will accompany an international student.                                           


Note about finances:                                           

Due to an immediate need for cash upon arrival, international students should be prepared to pay for tuition and fees, books and transportation, and other living expenses up front.  Please refer to the "Resources" section of our website for links to local banks.