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U.S. Scholarship Guide for International Students

For your protection, please click on and read the following link which gives advice on finding legitimate international scholarships.

The following offers a listing for scholarships that allow international students to apply.


Do my credits at TCC transfer to other colleges and universities?

Yes, they do.  Below is a brief list, but you can verify with the institution which you wish to transfer to after TCC. 

The University of Tulsa, Oral Roberts University, Oklahoma City University, The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma State University IT, Northeastern State University, Langston University, The University of Central Oklahoma, Rogers State UniversityThe University of Arkansas, Arkansas State University, University of Southern California, Southern Nazarene University, St. Gregory's University, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Northwest Missouri State University, Missouri Southern State University, Pittsburg State University, Bellevue University, Ashford University, University of Phoenix

You can also look at our University Transfer Guide for more information.


U.S. Embassies Worldwide
Foreign Embassies in the U.S.
Education USA
Visa Applicant Advice
Bank of Oklahoma
Bank of America
Arvest Bank
Study in the States


Bus Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Tulsa, Oklahoma has an extensive bus service, and it is easy to use for Tulsa Community College international students. Once you have a Tulsa Community College student ID, you can ride the bus for free. The link below will let you know the bus number and route that you will need to take, and it will also tell you how long the trip will take. Just click on the bus to begin.


Taxi Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Taxi service is not common in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but some taxi services are used quite frequently by international students, especially those in the TU area. Although we have many taxi companies, a cab is not often seen on the roads. Tulsa, Oklahoma is populated largely by car owners, as is all of Oklahoma. This means that taxis are much less frequent throughout the state of Oklahoma than they are in major cities in the U.S. In order to get a taxi in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you must call a company and request a car, this is the same procedure for other major cities in Oklahoma. At the airport, there is a line of taxis waiting to take passengers to a hotel or their home, but this is only at the airport. Taxi prices are not fixed, so you will want to compare prices. Minimum cost and per mile fees vary from $10 minimum and $1.90/mile to $15 minimum and $2/mile. The link below will give you a list of taxi companies in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Just click on the taxi to begin.


Hotels in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Tulsa, Oklahoma has a wide variety of hotels that are found throughout the city. If you will be in a hotel for several weeks while you look for an apartment, you can ask your hotel if they have special rates for extended stays (two weeks or more). The link below will give you a list of hotels in the Tulsa area. Just click on the hotel to begin.


Apartments/Houses for Rent in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Tulsa, Oklahoma has a wide variety of houses and apartments for rent. There are many services that allow you to search by area that you wish to live in as well cost and amenities. The link below will give you a list of rental guides that you can use to search for a house or apartment to rent. Just click on the "For Rent" sign to begin.

Many students use search engines to help them find a home or apartment to rent.

Trulia     Zumper


International Student Support Coalition



Exchanging Culture, Helping and Honoring Others (ECHHO

     For more information on ECHHO, please contact Dr. Doug Price at 918-595-7853.


While health insurance is not required by TCC, it is VERY important to have health insurance when you are in the United States. Health care is expensive and a person who does not have health insurance MUST pay everything out-of-pocket. A simple visit to the emergency room can cost you a thousand dollars or more. The following is a list of insurance companies offering coverage to international students:

- The Harbour Group:

- International Student Insurance:

- ISO Student Health Insurance:

- Collegiate Care: