Community Coach Program

The Tulsa Community College Student Recovery Community Coach Program promotes social interaction among staff, faculty, and students from diverse cultural and addictive backgrounds. The program encourages students in their overall professional development. Frequent student contact, both in and out of classes, is a major factor in student motivation, campus involvement and sustained recovery.

The aim of the program is to provide students with addictive backgrounds a supporter on campus who will encourage and offer guidance in dealing with any problems they confront while pursuing their education. Another objective is to increase familiarity and understanding of addiction and recovery for students, staff, faculty and administrators. Finally, while students participating in the program are strongly encouraged to establish meaningful peer relationships with each other through sponsored social activities and other means, the primary objective is to nurture the relationship between students and the entire campus community.

Community Coach’s Responsibility
Community Coaches must have contact (i.e., phone, e-mail, office visit, etc.) with each student at least twice a month. One meeting should be one-on-one, and the other on a group level. Community Coaches are expected to make time to meet with their students, to stay informed of the students’ academic and personal development, and to advise, mentor and generally provide guidance to the students.

Other Activities
Welcoming receptions, social activities and recognition banquets are sponsored throughout the year in order to facilitate a sense of community between student and faculty participants. Moreover, students periodically sponsor peer-tutoring opportunities.