NEC Student Organizations

African-American Student Association
The purpose of AASA is to provide a support system for its members by developing leadership skills and offering social and educational opportunities. Additionally, members will foster understanding of African-American culture among the general Northeast Campus student population. The members will also provide service to the local African-American community and Tulsa community. 

  • Advisor: Contact the NE Student Activities Office at 918-595-7571

Amateur Radio Club (ARC)
The ARC is open to anyone with an interest in amateur (HAM) radio or electronics. Meetings are scheduled for the second Monday or Tuesday of each month during the semester. We help those trying to earn a license and others just wanting to build equipment. We operate contests year round at our club station here on the Northeast Campus. Students can even search the stars with our Radio Astronomy Antenna system. 

  • Advisor: Tommy Henderson, 918.595.7492

American Sign Language Club
The American Sign Language Club (ASL) is open to: students who are interested in American Sign Language and/or sign language interpreting; and persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. The purpose of the ASL is three-fold: to provide opportunities for students to use their sign language skills with deaf people who attend the ASL meetings; secondly, students learn about the profession of interpreting and the culture of persons who are deaf through guest speakers and field trips; and finally, to provide an avenue for students to volunteer in functions for and with people who are deaf. Throughout the year, members are involved in fund-raising activities for ASL scholarships and to support projects in the deaf community. The ASL meets monthly at the Northeast Campus and welcomes new members and visitors. 

  • Advisors: Sharon Limas918.595.7459; and Don Hastings, 918.595.7450

Baptist Collegiate Ministries
The primary purpose of Students for Christ is to provide opportunities for student development through Christian fellowship. This is accomplished principally by providing information and sponsoring activities and programs, which enhance student intellectual and spiritual growth. To learn more, visit National Baptist Collegiate Ministry.

  • Advisor: Michael Phelps, 918.402.6476

Behavioral Science Association
The purpose of this organization is to provide direction, opportunity and support to any student interested in the behavioral science field. To accomplish this purpose, the Behavioral Science Association resolves to provide information concerning universities and career choices, to provide exposure regarding current issues through field trips and guest speakers, and service. The Behavioral Science Association is dedicated to being a viable and significant organization in which fellowship can thrive.

  • Advisor: Dr. Sharolyn Wallace, 918.595.7464

Campus Civitan
The TCC Campus Civitan Virtual Club is proposed as a new student organization through Northeast Campus to meet in a virtual/online environment in order to address the needs of students who cannot otherwise participate in student organizations in addition to those interested in the purpose and objectives of building good citizenship.

  • Advisor: Dr. Diana Potts, 918.595.7416

Engineering Club
The Engineering Club is a gathering of students at TCC who are studying engineering. These students host the monthly "Engineers At Lunch" program at TCC’s Northeast Campus on the first Thursday of each month. Their mission is doing STEM outreach with at-risk middle school students in the Tulsa region through in-school programming, after-school clubs and summer camps. This group coordinates its efforts with the Tulsa Alliance for Engineering.  

  • Advisor: Xan Black, 918.595.7557

Horticulture Club
The Horticulture Club, established in 1976, is the oldest student organization on the Northeast Campus. Members have the opportunity to participate in planning, planting and assisting with two plant sales each year. Proceeds from the sales are used for various purposes, including scholarships and field trips. The club is also involved in community service projects throughout the school year. The club meets monthly in the Horticulture Building. The meeting is usually the second Tuesday. 

  • Advisors: Kelly Rose, 918.595.7403; Dennis Voss, 918.595.7554; Fran French, 918.595.7445

International Association
The International Association promotes diversity, explores culture and strengthens communication skills through fun, educational activities, trips and community service opportunities. All TCC students are welcome to participate, especially ESL and international students!

  • Advisors: Salli Wandke, 918.595.8411; Tom Rowe, 918.595.8426; and Daniel Chaboya, 918.595.7544

Italian Association
Do you like lasagna al forno, Andrea Boccelli, Gucci, Pompeii, cappuccino and Fellini? Join the Italian Association and learn more.

  • Advisor: Pam Chew, 918.595.7442

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
Get credit for your academic accomplishments. Join Phi Theta Kappa today and become part of a group that is involved with many different aspects of the college as well as the community. We need you in order to make our organization stand out! Students must have a GPA of 3.5 and be enrolled in at least six hours. Stop by Student Activities for an application packet. 

  • Advisor: Dr. Mike Limas, 918.595.7474; Mike Dinneen, 918.595.7446; Kei Deatherage, 918.595.7465

Silent Friends Club
We are a student activity organization located on the Northeast Campus of Tulsa Community College. Our goal is to help the deaf and hard of hearing students to be more effective leaders in the community by accepting responsibility in the club.

  • Advisor: Jeremy Atkins–918-595-7428 and Tony Kirby–918-894-5709

Speech and Forensics
The TCC Forensics program is a comprehensive, curricular and co-curricular forensics program that competes in 11 American Forensics Association individual events, as well as in International Public Debate and National Parliamentary Debate Association Parliamentary Debate. 

  • Advisor: Dr. Donna Goodwin, 918.595.8443

Student Government Association
The Student Government Association is both a student government and a student programming group. Its three basic purposes are to work in cooperation with the Student Activities Office in planning activities for the students on their campuses; to represent the student body in  matters related to student campus life; and to provide an avenue for individual students, or student groups, to voice to the College their ideas, suggestions and concerns related to student life.

  • Advisor: Jacob Garrison, 918.595.7573

Total Addiction Counseling and Knowledge from Life Experiences (TACKLE)
TACKLE provides peer support, service opportunities, social activities, and programs designed to encourage students in recovery to use education as a means of improving their self-confidence, decisions-making skills, ethics, civility and interpersonal relationships. Please join us for our next meeting!

  • Advisor: Dr. Sharolyn Wallace, 918.595.7464