Southeast Student Organizations

BCM, Baptist Collegiate Ministry: Christian fellowship to enhance intellectual and spiritual growth

Advisors:        Jeff Holt, 918-595-7607,

         Melinda Smith, 918-595-8031,

         Paul Lewis,


Chess Club: Promotes the game of chess

Advisor:          David Patocka, 918-595-7683,


Chi Alpha: Providing students with Christian service and fellowship opportunities

Advisor:          Robert Morton, 918-595-4614,


FMLT, Future Medical Laboratory Technologies: promotes a supportive atmosphere for future MLT students



German Club: Encourages the study of the German language and culture

Advisors:        Roberto Maduro, 918-595-7750,

                        Marion Williams,


Interior Design Club: Encourages the study of interior design

Advisor:          Jennifer McMahon, 918-595-7615,


ISSC, International Student Support Coalition: Encourages appreciation and understanding of international cultures

Advisors:        Diana Klinghagen, 918-595-7533,

                        Gary Young-Allen, 918-595-7540,


JLC, Japanese Language Club: Encourages appreciation and understanding of Japanese cultures

Advisor:          Fumie Horne, 918-595-8604,


MNS, Medical and Natural Sciences Club: For students studying medical or natural sciences

Advisors:          Melissa Masse, 918-595-7679,

                             Mary Phillips, 918-595-7689,

                            Chandra Carpenter, 918-595-8679,


MSA, Muslim Student Association: Fosters understanding of Muslim and Islamic religion

Advisors:        Annie Malloy, 918-595-7638,

                        Hussien Khattab, 918-595-8681,

                        Robert Katz, 918-595-7664,

                        Walid Shihabi, 918-595-8654,


PTK, Phi Theta Kappa: Honor society for two-year colleges

Advisors:        Allen Culpepper, 918-595-7647,

                        Jeff Stuckey, 918-595-7079,


Psychology Club: For students who have interest in Psychology and/or Sociology

Advisors:        Jerilyn Thorman, 918-595-7760,

                        Phoebe Baker, 918-595-7737,


Spanish Club: Encourages the study of Hispanic cultures and languages

Advisor:          Roberto Maduro, 918-595-7750,


SFA, Student Film Association: Encourages the study of film

Advisor:          Matt Edwards, 918-595-4615,


SGA, Student Government Association: Representing students at SE campus through leadership and student activities

Advisor:          Jon Herring, 918-595-7771,


SMA, Student Music Association: Enriches musical interests and provides opportunities for students

Advisor:          Heidi Rigert, 918-595-7755,


SSA, Secular Student Alliance: Serves students by promoting scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism, and human-based ethics

Advisors:        Robert Katz, 918-595-7664,

                        Joshua Barnes, 918-595-7728,


STA, Student Theatre Association: Promotes an interest in theatre

Advisors:        Mark Walters, 918-595-7732,

                        Jim Runyan, 918-595-7733,


Veterans and Active Military: For students who served or are currently serving in the US Military

Advisors:        Steve Taylor, 918-595-7627,