Student Health and Wellness

Student Health and Wellness

TCC Student Health Services is your key to wellness. Most services are free to students, faculty and staff.

Student Health Services offers:

  • Immunization information and forms
  • Health programs
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Nutritional information
  • Health-related literature
  • First aid for injuries
  • Health consultations and screenings
  • Referrals made when indicated
  • Permits for temporary handicapped parking

Note: Most services are free to the campus community.

Low-Cost Medical Care
Student Health Services can assist you in finding minimal cost medical care.

Disabled Services
Student Health Services can provide you with crutches or a wheelchair so you can attend class. Temporary Handicap Parking is also available if needed.

Mental Health
Are you down and out? Feeling depressed? Do you wish you could talk to someone? If you feel overloaded this semester, please feel free to speak with the nurse in Student Health Services. The nurse will assist you in finding counseling services.

Take our free, anonymous mental health screening

Health Screenings
Each semester Student Health Services provides various screenings including vision, hearing, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, triglyceride, osteoporosis, HIV testing and weight. Additional programs such as a Health Fair and Smoking Cessation Classes may be offered during the semester.