Enrollment Help

Enrollment Help

1.  TCC Application for Admission has been processed and you have received an e-mail with log in and password information (e-mails are sent throughout the day).

2.  Go to the TCC homepage, click on the MyTCC link.

3.  Log on to MYTCC with your college wide student ID number (T123456789) and Password.  (Password information sent in welcome email)

4.  Go to My Account Page.

5.  Go to the Enrollment/Registration Tools box.

  • By following the 1-2-3 Enroll process you can successfully complete your enrollment.
    • Step 1:  Select “Look up Classes by Subject and Enroll”
      • You will then be at the “Add Classes Worksheet”.  You can do a “Class Search” to select classes by subject or if you know the 5-digit Course Registration Number (CRN), you can add it directly to the worksheet.
    • Step 2:  Review your schedule.
      • Courses marked “Registered Temporary” indicate that enrollment is still pending successful payment arrangements.  Courses marked “Web Registered” indicate that payment arrangements have been made successfully and you are enrolled in those courses.
    • Step 3: Complete your enrollment.
      • Scroll to the bottom of the page.  If no balance due is showing, then you have successfully enrolled in the courses marked “web registered.”  If there is a balance due, you must make one of the following payment arrangements in order to finalize your enrollment:  pay in full, enroll in a payment plan, present a third party payment contract to the Bursar’s office, or complete the financial aid application process and maintain satisfactory academic progress.  Your temporary schedule will be held for 1 hour to allow you to make payment arrangements.  Once you have made payment arrangements, your enrollment is complete!
  • Contact CALL2000 at 918-595-2000 if you have questions or visit the Enrollment Services Office on any TCC Campus for more information.


The User ID is the same as your current 8-digit Student ID/CWID except a capital "T" is required before the ID.

On MyTCC - "Everything you need in ONE place":

  • Register for Class
  • Drop or add Classes
  • View your Schedule
  • View your Grades
  • View your Transcript
  • View Holds on your Records
  • Display your Financial Awards and Status
  • Update your Personal Information
  • Review your Bill & Pay It with a Credit Card
  • Blackboard
  • TCC E-mail
  • Update Personal Information

For help, contact Call2000 at 918.595.2000 or by e-mail at call2000@tulsacc.edu.