COMPASS (Course Placement Tests)

The COMPASS (Course Placement Tests - CPT) assess students’ skill level in the areas of reading comprehension, writing skills and mathematics. Results help determine appropriate placement for enrollment.

COMPASS results can also be used to remove high school deficiencies and to meet admission requirements.

COMPASS is not timed and is administered on a microcomputer. Students do not need any computer experience to take the tests. The scores are available immediately after testing is completed. A counselor/advisor will discuss the results and provide students with an interpretation of the scores. COMPASS is not a pass/fail examination; it is a tool used to determine present skill levels.

There is no fee to take the COMPASS - CPT assessments. 

Testing Sites
Metro Campus, Northeast Campus, Southeast Campus, West Campus, Owasso Community Campus, & the Education Outreach Center.

If you live outside the Tulsa County area and would like to take the COMPASS Assessment at a location in your area and have scores submitted for admission to TCC, please contact the Northeast Campus Testing Center at 918.595.7534 to obtain current COMPASS testing locations throughout the nation. If you live in Northeastern Oklahoma, TCC is your closest site.

No registration or appointment is needed; COMPASS - CPT assessments are given on a walk-in basis.

Need some tips or would like to practice for this exam? Click here to visit ACT's Official website for the COMPASS Tests.