Call for Artists: EMERGENCE

Tuesday May 11, 2021 - Monday July 12, 2021 5:00 pm Online Free and open to the public

Deadline: Monday, JULY 12, 2021 at 5 pm CT
Exhibition Dates & Location: Online from Monday, August 2 - Tuesday, August 31
Issuing Agency: McKeon Center for Creativity
Submissions/Questions: Cindy Barton,

As many nations and individuals begin to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, many of us find ourselves changed. This online exhibition will explore how the pandemic has changed artists, including their processes, outlook, communities, and the work itself. Artists working in two and three-dimensional media can submit new work created since January 2021. Works in progress and proposals for new work will also be considered.


A $100 honorarium is available for exhibiting artists who are at least 18 years of age, have a U.S. mailing address, and are authorized to work in the United States. Artists who do not meet this criteria may still participate but will not receive an honorarium. Collaborative works created by more than one artist will receive only one honorarium. Artwork may be offered for sale, but all details of the transaction, including any applicable taxes, must be handled solely by the artist. No commission will be assessed.


Each artist may submit up to two works for consideration. Submissions are via email to Cindy Barton, and must include ONE high quality photograph of each work. Since the exhibition is online only, photo quality is critical. Images must be in JPG format, between 1 - 5 MB, and no larger than 5000 x 50000 pixels. Submissions must also include:

-Artist's full name

-Mailing address

-Phone number

-Title & medium of work

-Dimensions of work, in inches

-Two or three sentences about the work and how it responds to changes brought on by the pandemic. The artist’s website and/or social media handles may be included, if desired.

-If work is for sale, include purchase price and a public email or website for order inquiries

Photo Tips for Artwork Submissions

-Clean your camera lens

-Never use the zoom

-Never use the flash

-Use bright, indirect, natural light. Use the brightest room in your house (but not in direct sunlight), or try shooting outside on a cloudy day. Experiment with different light to see which best captures the colors of your piece.

For 2D works:

The piece must lay flat (do not lean it against a wall.) Hang it on a wall or lay the piece on the floor and shoot it from above. Make sure there are no shadows on the work. If your piece is behind glass and you're having trouble with reflections, remove it from the frame if possible. Completely fill the camera's frame with your work -- try not to show any background.

For 3D works:

Select a plain background with a neutral color, such as a blank wall. As much as possible, completely fill the camera's frame with your work. For small 3D works, experiment with portrait or micro modes. Remember, don't use the zoom -- instead, position the camera close to the work.