Adjunct Faculty Appreciation Feb. 27 & 28

February 20, 2018

Adjunct Faculty are vital to the mission and operation of TCC. Nearly 700 adjunct professors teach at least one course per semester, and each plays a significant role in TCC’s mission to enable student success.

“Adjunct faculty bring a wealth of teaching and professional experience to the College,” says George Black, director of Academic and Campus Services. “They allow us to offer greater flexibility in both course offerings and scheduling. Many are employed outside the College in the fields they teach in such as the Health Sciences, Engineering, or Business, but all have strong academic backgrounds in their disciplines. Others are academic professionals specialized not only in their field of study but also in how to share research findings, publications, and ground breaking works within their disciplines.”

There will be several opportunities and functions across the College to recognize the important role adjuncts fill for students.

During Adjunct Faculty Appreciation days, adjunct should visit their campus' Academic and Campus Services office for refreshments and to enter for a chance to win a prize donated by the Faculty Association and the TCC Foundation.

Teaching Excellence Award nominations will open soon, and nominations may be made by students, full-time faculty, other adjunct faculty members, and colleagues familiar with their teaching and professional endeavors.

Last year’s Excellence Award winners include:

Metro Campus

Glenda Summerlin – Adjunct Instructor Award for Teaching Excellence

Glenda Summerlin is a 33-year veteran member of TCC’s Adjunct Faculty. Over the years, she has taught a variety of math courses including Basic Math, Beginning Algebra, Beginning & Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus 1, and Business Calculus. She uses her creative energy to engage students and alleviate their “math phobia” to become TCC success stories. Professor Summerlin taught high school and personally helped recruit hundreds of TCC students during her many decades of teaching. Her most rewarding experience has been the handful of students who went on to become math teachers after being successful in her class.

Northeast Campus

Amos Mizell – Adjunct Instructor Award for Teaching Excellence

Amos Mizell began teaching math at the Northeast Campus in 1993. At that time, he also taught at Charles Page High School in Sand Springs. He is a lifelong learner and believes “when you quit pursuing knowledge, you will be passed by those who want to achieve.” He frequently supports students in and out of the classroom by regularly meeting outside of class to help students better understand math. His strongly believes in a statement by one of his colleagues “students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Southeast Campus

Christine Thompson – Adjunct Instructor Award for Teaching Excellence

Christine Thompson has been with TCC for 12 years. She teaches algebra and biology, but has previously taught zoology, ecology and developmental math. In addition to her classroom experience she also works in the math lab as a tutor for science and math classes and serves as the biology lab coordinator. She believes there is nothing better than seeing a student who once believed they cannot do math, succeed in math. One of her colleagues said “Christine jumps in and does what needs to be done… always.” Christine also helps with the AEP Credits Count grant funded program to teach STEM education to Tulsa Public School high school seniors during the summer break.

West Campus

Carol Ebrahimi – Adjunct Instructor Award for Teaching Excellence

Carol Ebrahimi is a dedicated English composition professor. In addition to her classroom experience, she served on the Faculty Learning Community committee and the Adjunct Faculty Support committee. An avid TCC Library user, Carol spends hours working with students and giving them constructive commentary on their writing assignments. One of her colleagues said “Carol is a beacon for students who need nurturing and extra encouragement.” Her classes use library resources and get special library instruction so they can be successful in their college career. 

Edmond Lawrence – Adjunct Instructor Award for Teaching Excellence

In addition to being active duty in the United States Marine Corps, Edmond Lawrence has taught history and government classes at TCC since 1999. His career experience as an attorney in the military gives him a unique perspective in the classroom. One of his colleagues said “Ed puts a great deal of thought and effort into his work and it definitely translates into a great experience in the classroom.” He uses his experience to make history come alive and be more meaningful to his students. As one student said, “He knows his stuff.”