Answer Center Specialists Coming to TCC

March 13, 2018

When construction is finished on the Southeast Campus’s new Student Success and Career Center in a year, it will house not just new facilities, such as The Answer Center, but new services aimed at removing barriers to student persistence.

The Answer Center will serve as a first point of contact for students with the aim of reducing trips to multiple departments.

“Instead of making students go to all those different places, we’ll offer them one place where they can take care of all their needs,” says Keidron Dotson, TCC director of enrollment services.

Answer Center Specialists, a new position to the College, will perform the selected functions of advising and full service functions of financial aid, bursar and enrollment services. Dotson says they hope to hire from existing student-facing personnel.

“We’re really looking to use the majority of people who already work in student facing services,” says Dotson. “They are the cream of the crop already, so we hope to draw from that pool of applicants.”

Answer Center Specialists will be cross-trained to expand their knowledge beyond their current position and department.

Internal employees from enrollment services, financial aid, academic advising and bursar’s offices across the College can apply for the new positions beginning March 26. Eight Answer Center Specialists will be hired with training beginning shortly after in preparation for the Student Success Center Spring 2019 grand opening.

While every opportunity will be made to create the best team with representation from current Southeast Campus student facing services, there is a chance that not all employees currently serving in their role will be selected due to the limited number of position openings. Employees not selected for southeast campus positions will have the opportunity to continue their work with other departments on other campuses.

Many of the Higher Learning Commission’s criteria for accreditation center on student support services. The new Student Success and Career Center and the Answer Center directly address Criterion 3D, which focuses on how the institution provides support for student learning and effective teaching.