Campus Cafes and Kiosks to Feature Starbucks

June 5, 2018

Soon TCC students and staff will be able to get their favorite Starbucks beverages and food without ever having to leave their campus.

Though timelines have yet to be solidified, plans are underway. Northeast and Southeast campuses will get café concepts, not unlike what you’d find in Barnes and Noble. The Cafes will be owned by TCC but will serve most Starbucks beverages and food items.

“We wanted to be able to provide our students and staff with additional options,” says Mark McMullen, TCC chief financial officer. “These will not only have the full range of Starbucks drinks, but also food items like muffins, scones, and paninis.”

West Campus will receive a Starbucks’ “On the Go” kiosk concept, which will feature Starbucks drinks but not food, and it could be in place as early as Fall 2018, depending on placement and remodeling.

“The plan is for it to be up and ready by fall, but plans do change,” says McMullen.

The Metro Campus café concept is dependent upon the other ongoing projects, such as the campus store renovation and the relocation of the Conference Center.

The cafes and kiosks will be placed in easily accessible, highly visible locations.

“We’re picking spots on campus where there’s heavy foot traffic,” says McMullen. “We’re putting them front and center where students and staff are going to be. They’ll provide convenience and accessibility.”

Starbucks was chosen for a number of reasons, but foremost for having a reputation for quality.

“We’re bringing in quality products to enhance our food service experience at the college,” says McMullen. “We want to give students an area where they can study and hang out, and have a more collegiate experience.”