Challenge Coins Coming Soon

September 10, 2019

Challenge coins are coming your way, and you’ll never know& where or when they’re going to show up. Challenge coins are meant to recognize TCC faculty and staff who exemplify the College’s mission, vision, beliefs and values.

“Our new mission and vision statements wouldn’t be complete without our beliefs and values,” says Leigh Goodson, TCC president and CEO. “Our beliefs are concepts we hold to be true. They are central in shaping our values – what is important to us. These beliefs and values drive our behavior and how we work together every day.”

Goodson revealed the Challenge Coin Initiative during TCC’s fall convocation.

“Our veterans and Campus Police are well aware of challenge coins,” said Goodson. “Traditionally, challenge coins have been used to recognize special achievements by a member of a unit. They are a great way to recognize employees around the College who embody our Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Values.”

Sometime during the next month, select employees will be charged with awarding the first round of Challenge Coins.

“When these super-secret employees witness an excellent example of an employee living our values, the coins will be awarded,” says Goodson. “These challenge coins will be given out by peers and colleagues, so you never know when and where you might earn one.”

Once the first round of coins has been awarded, the employee keeps them for a few weeks and then passes them on to another employee who they feel is demonstrating living the College values. Each time an employee passes a coin, they will submit a few details electronically for tracking purposes. The survey link will be available on the Employee Relations Page by early October.