Chat with The New Chief

November 27, 2018

Melvin Murdock, TCC’s new Chief of Police, kicked off his first week of work by doing a lot of listening and a lot of note-taking, which is fitting for an institute of higher learning.

Murdock comes to TCC from Oklahoma State University-Tulsa and brings more than 32 years of experience to the job and a passion for community policing.

“Community policing should be at the forefront of any police organization,” says Murdock. “It’s always been the cornerstone of my administration because it allows us to develop a relationship with the people we’re working for every day, all while keeping them safe.

“We understand a successful law enforcement and crime prevention program is one that works in collaboration with the community, and it’s our report card for success.”

Murdock relishes the community service aspect of the job as it was what attracted him to the profession in the first place.

“I always harken back to when I was a detective and could look into a victim’s eyes and tell them there was some modicum of justice for them,” says Murdock. “That community service piece was what made me fall in love with the law enforcement profession.”

The new Chief enjoys working in a collegiate environment.

“It’s the ability to see students come into the College and then go on to graduate. You can always look at that and see the progress that individual has made,” he says. “Students can come into the College from different backgrounds and leave with the same education that in many ways levels the playing field.”