College Park Students Receive Help to Offset Textbook Expenses

July 22, 2022
The Tulsa Community College Foundation has funded $250 textbook vouchers for students in College Park during their first year in the program as TCC students.

This is the second year the TCC Foundation has provided additional financial support for College Park to offset the cost of books and materials.

College Park is a new education model for Tulsa where students have a consistent, structured course schedule and unique learning format – all on one campus. This program, a collaboration between Tulsa Community College and OSU-Tulsa, provides a four-year public university experience for individuals who want to live and earn a bachelor’s degree in Tulsa. College Park is offering a Business and Psychology degree track for Fall.

“TCC provides access to college and has a proven track record of helping students succeed,” says Dr. Leigh Goodson, TCC president and CEO. “Unlike any other option in Tulsa, College Park brings the strengths of two public institutions together in one location as we respond to the needs of employers and our region’s economy.”

On the OSU-Tulsa campus, College Park begins with TCC faculty for freshman and sophomore level courses and then moves to OSU-Tulsa faculty for junior and senior level classes. The program provides a streamlined path to a chosen bachelor's degree at OSU-Tulsa with a consistent class schedule for the first two years to help students plan life and family responsibilities around school before moving to an individualized plan.

College Park is also a cohort experience, where students move through as a group, while taking TCC classes and creating a peer support network. Data from the first year shows College Park students had a higher GPA as compared to non-College Park first time entering Business majors.

“The TCC Foundation awarded more than $420,000 in scholarships for Fall 2022, the highest amount awarded to students in a single year. The TCC Foundation recognizes students may face financial barriers and we work very diligently to provide financial support to help students succeed,” said Kari Shults, TCC vice president for advancement and president of the TCC Foundation. “Some of those financial opportunities are built into College Park with the intent of increasing the number of bachelor’s degrees in the Tulsa area.”

Each incoming College Park student in the Business or Psychology degree track will receive a one-time $250 textbook voucher. In addition, scholarships have been awarded for Fall 2022 to College Park Business Administration students from the Ronald and Myra Jeffris College Park Scholarship Fund through the TCC Foundation. These scholarships are renewable and will follow the College Park student to completion of their bachelor’s degree.

In addition, College Park has the benefit of the Tulsa Achieves scholarship, that pays tuition and fees for eligible students who attend TCC directly after high school. Plus, OSU-Tulsa also has commitments to help fund scholarships toward the costs of the junior and senior years for College Park students.

College Park classes start in August for both the Business Administration and Psychology degree track. With only a few spots remaining, interested students should apply as soon as possible. College Park applications will close at midnight, August 7. Apply now or get more information at