Jan Dickinson Wins Goody Award

December 4, 2018

Jan Dickinson received a coveted Goody award last week.

As is the standard operating procedure for Goody Awards, Dickinson was surprised in her office by TCC President Goodson, Dr. Cindy Hess, senior vice president and chief academic officer, and Mackenzie Wilfong, TCC general counsel. She was given the award, a box of cookies to share with her coworkers, and balloons.

Wilfong, who nominated her for the Goody Award, says, “Without any prior notice I went Jan’s office and she was extraordinarily helpful, organized, and pleasant. She was immediately able to help me and answer questions I did not even know to ask. I am thankful for her careful attention to detail, her exceptional customer service, her immaculate filing system, and her cheery outlook!”

Dickinson has been working at TCC since 2003. She began her career at the College in the purchasing department and moved to Payroll in 2008 where she works as an Accounting Clerk II. You'll no doubt know her name from turning in timesheets.

The Good Job Awards, or “Goodys,” were created by TCC President and CEO Leigh Goodson in 2016 to honor individuals and departments who go beyond job titles and department responsibilities to serve TCC’s mission and students in exemplary fashion.

If you know of a TCC employee deserving of consideration for a Goody, you can send a nomination to President's Assistant Carrie Bateson. Include the names of your nominees and a description of how they’ve gone above and beyond to reach students and support the College’s mission. Then you'll have to keep an eye out for Goodson; Goodys are given away several times each year, but they aren’t awarded on any set schedule, so there's no way to know when one might come your direction.