June 2020 TCC Board of Regents Meeting Highlights

June 19, 2020

The TCC Board of Regents met at the Southeast Campus’s VanTrease PACE yesterday. Among the agenda items were the approval of the FY 20/21 budget, the retirement of current TCC Chief Academic Officer Dr. Cindy Hess, and the end-of-term departure of Regent Robin Ballenger from the Board. Jim Beavers, who will join the TCC Board of Regents in July, was also introduced and welcomed to the TCC community.

The Regents also approved a large slate of purchases over $50,000 for the upcoming fiscal year. They also held the biannual Tulsa Community College Technology Center School District meeting to elect officers and review and approve the financials.

In light of the operating conditions brought about by the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it’s had on state revenue and enrollment, the College will see a reduction of an average of more than 7 percent across all departments. The budget was described as fiscally conservative by Mark McMullen, TCC chief financial officer and controller, and should provide stability for the College moving forward.

The Regents complimented the College leadership for providing resources to help staff, students, faculty and the community in dealing with the difficulties presented by the current social conditions in Tulsa.

TCC President and CEO Leigh B. Goodson presented plaques as she congratulated both Dr. Hess and Regent Ballenger for their service to the College.

“I bid fond farewell to Cindy Hess,” said Goodson. “She has led Academic Affairs in a way that has been incredibly beneficial to the College and our students. We have made tremendous strides in our Pathways work and student focus since she started.”

Regent Wes Mitchell also complimented Dr. Hess.

“I can’t think of a more dedicated person than Dr. Hess. She’s been a mentor to me,” said Mitchell.

“I’m one of those fortunate people who can say I’ve never had a bad boss. I’ve been really lucky in that regard. Dr. Hess is the best boss I’ve ever had. She’s not just interested in the work, she’s interested in the people. She’s interested in you. She’s never too busy to listen or talk, or to continue to build her team,” said Southeast Campus Provost Greg Stone.

Dr. Goodson expressed gratitude toward Regent Ballenger for her years of service on the Board.

“Regent Ballenger, you have been an incredible mentor to me, personally. You have always challenged us, and you did it in a very loving way. I’m grateful you have been on this Board the entire time I’ve been President.”

“She cares about students, the College and making a difference,” said Board Chair Sam Combs. “I applaud and commend her for her courage in sticking up for people or issues that don’t always get spoken for.”

Northeast Campus Provost Eunice Tarver spoke with gratitude for the impact Regent Ballenger has had on the College.