Learning Labs: Behind the Scenes with Greg Stone

May 17, 2018

We recently took a tour of TCC's Metro Campus chemistry and biology labs with Provost Dr. Greg Stone. Dr. Stone is not only a long-time faculty member, but a Pathways Campaign donor who is personally investing in the future of TCC student success. It's easy to see his passion for TCC and why he's particularly excited about the new learning labs coming to the Metro Campus.

Greg Stone
Dr. Greg Stone

“We’ve had a need to update these labs for a number of years. It’s caused some challenges for faculty members trying to prepare lab experiments and learning activities that really meet the needs of our students.”
Greg Stone, Provost of TCC Metro Campus

The existing labs have served TCC well over the past 30 years, but today, they don't reflect the kind of environments students will face when they go into the workforce or transfer to a four-year institution. Dr. Stone explains that although the college has performed numerous minor updates over the years, the basic structure is essentially original to the college.

That will all change soon with the Pathways campaign sub-goal of $2.5 million reserved for learning labs. Full renovations are set to update technology, improve safety, and provide a world-class lab environment conducive to collaborative, hands-on learning.

chemistry and biology labs

“This is a great way to make a direct investment in the future of Tulsa, and not only in the people that live and work here, but in the companies and industries that we will be able to attract if we continue to provide a strong, well-educated, and skilled workforce.”
Greg Stone, Provost of TCC Metro Campus

Tour the existing facilities, and you will feel an air of anticipation and palpable excitement among faculty and instructors. Talk to any of them, and you will experience their infectious passion for equipping their students for success. "We see our students not just as our students," explains Dr. Stone, "but as the future of the community as a whole."

chemistry and biology labs

“As an alumnus of Tulsa Community College, I know first-hand how the faculty and staff of TCC support students in the pursuit of their personal and educational goals. That’s one reason I wanted to come back after earning my graduate degree to teach here as a member of the English faculty, and it’s why I’m proud to serve the institution as Metro Campus Provost. Working at TCC and giving to this campaign are ways to make an investment in the future of our community, and there is no greater reward than that.”
Greg Stone, Provost of TCC Metro Campus