Michael Wallis Headlines TCC Student Trip on Route 66

April 14, 2017
Historic Route 66, one of the original U.S. highways and one of the most famous roads in the U.S., is a perfect place to learn more about America. Tulsa Community College international students took part in an education experience beyond the classroom on April 14 with a trip along the Main Street of America. Pops Fusion 66 involved TCC students traveling from Tulsa to Arcadia to learn more about the historic road.

Michael Wallis, author of “Route 66: The Mother Road” and the voice of the Sheriff of Radiator Springs in Pixar Studio’s “CARS”, traveled with the students. As an expert on Historic Route 66, he provided insight and meaning into the nature of Route 66. Also, Ken Busby, Executive Director, Route 66 Alliance, traveled with the students to provide additional perspective.

This trip is a comparative study for international students to see America’s transportation systems as well as get an understanding of the tourism industry. Students gained a better understanding of global implications of highways, tourism, nationalism, and American symbolism.

“This experience allowed students to explore and ponder the “fusion” of American and international perspectives,” Dr. Douglas Price, Director of Global Learning at TCC said. “The event expanded international students’ understanding about America and offered international perspectives for our domestic students.”

The Pops Fusion 66 experience was funded through student activities fees paid by the students each semester for enrichment programs and experiences. Domestic and international students sat next to each other to help stimulate discussion between students and will write a paper about their experience following the trip. Students were selected for Pops Fusion 66 through an application process.

Pops Fusion 66 departed from the TCC Metro Campus with stops along Historic Route 66 including Ollie’s Station Restaurant, Rock Café in Stroud, Pops in Arcadia.