Nearly 50 Trees Have Been Planted at TCC Southeast Campus

February 13, 2017
A larger, greener tree canopy greets students at the Tulsa Community College Southeast Campus following the planting of 45 large trees.

The trees represent multiple species and were placed on the north perimeter of the campus along 81st Street and on the east perimeter of the campus along highway 169.

They stood between 8 to 12 feet tall and many of them had tree trunks measuring five inches in diameter. Because of their size, they had an immediate impact on the campus appearance.

This is part of TCC’s commitment to expand the tree canopy and contribute to Tulsa’s urban forest.

The trees were donated by The William K. Warren Foundation and made possible with the help of TCC’s community-based Tree Campus USA advisers, representing Up With Trees, Steve Grantham, Executive Director, and Mike Perkins, Director of Operations.