New Employee Handbook Now Online

August 14, 2018

As of today, the new employee handbook is online and easier to use than ever before. You can find the handbook on MyTCC under the employee tab using the Procedures & Tools link.

Though there are no substantive changes to the handbook’s content at this time, it has been reorganized to make the document easier to use. Associate Professor Mary Cantrell, who edited the Faculty handbook, handled the employee handbook as well, creating consistency between the two documents.

“Everything is in a different place, but it makes sense now,” says Sandy Cooper, TCC chief human resources officer. “It’s currently in PDF format, but this is step one in making it a more usable resource.”

As the handbook is a primary resource for all things related to your employment, the goal is to add functionality. Though it’s only a PDF in the current iteration, the handbook’s online presence will change next summer.

“It will no longer be a static document,” says Cooper. “We want to make it so user-friendly, employees can quickly get an answer without having to reach out to HR. It’s available 24/7.”

Changes are coming to the handbook over the next year.

“For FY19, we’ll be working on revising policies, as well as adding new policies and procedures,” says Cooper.

Many of the policies that will be updated or created are noted in the new handbook with a caption of “Under Review.” Employee input will be sought on these changes.