New President's Leadership Institute Class Announced

May 15, 2018

Last week, the new cohort for the 2018-19 President's Leadership Institute was announced.

The new class includes: Amber Chase, Dan White, Dewayne Dickens, Gloria Kirkpatrick, Julie Basden, Keidron Dotson, Keilah Deatherage, Laura Cowan, Leigh Gulley, Lindsay Fields, Lindsey Barbour, Lisa Gerow, Mary Sirkel, Matt Jostes, Matt Mounger, Melissa Kash, Monica Champ, Rachel Longacre, Tim Lawson, and Will Sprung.

“We are excited about the new cohort. We had a pool of fantastic candidates to choose from, all leaders in their departments with passion for the College’s mission,” says TCC President and CEO Leigh B. Goodson. “Participants will gain leadership skills, foster interdepartmental relationships and develop greater insight into the College, all of which will serve us well as we continue to focus our collective efforts on student success.”

The President’s Leadership Institute builds on the talent and drive already existing in TCC to grow its future leaders. The experiences working and learning together in the institute build camaraderie and strengthen ties across departments, helping participants to discover new opportunities and creative ways to serve students.

The institute is designed to build collaborative skills, offer greater insight into the College’s operations, services and programs, and influence the next generation of leaders to serve TCC students, the greater Tulsa community and the vision of education nationwide. Selection to the institute is by application, and is open to all full-time TCC faculty and staff members, in all roles, levels and departments.

“The institute helped me develop relationships with people across the college that I would not normally interact with,” says Jenny Fields, TCC assistant professor of nursing. “It has also broadened my outlook on higher education and all of the different aspects of what it takes to have a fully functioning college.”

The new cohort has its kickoff retreat today at Post Oak, with the official start of 2018-19 program beginning August 30. Classes start in September and meet the third Friday of each month. Participants will be required to review case studies before each session and be prepared to discuss how the study applies to TCC. In addition, each class will feature a “friend of the College” as a guest speaker to discuss issues currently facing TCC or on the strategic horizon.

PLI is an example of how the college fulfills its mission to better the community through intellectual achievement (HLC subcriterion 1.A.2.). It’s also an example of how TCC supports employee development (HLC criteria 5.A).