Notes from the April TCC Board of Regents Meeting

April 17, 2020

The TCC Board of Regents met virtually for the first time in history, reflecting the massive changes in operation of the College itself due to the impact of COVID-19.

Among topics on the agenda were the impact on the College’s budget, facilities and capital improvement plans, the approval of the College’s new five-year strategic plan, and a rundown on the College’s response to the pandemic by TCC President & CEO Leigh B. Goodson.

With just one word change, the Board unanimously approved the College’s new Strategic Plan.

“It’s one of the fundamental requirements of the Board to make sure an organization has a strategic plan in place,” said Samuel Combs, TCC Board Chair. “We’ll go forward. This will make us better. We want TCC to be a leader in our state and the nation.”

At the end of the meeting, and before the Board went into an executive session, Combs reaffirmed his confidence in the College’s leadership team and its diligent work to address both institutional and student needs during the crisis.

“It’s hard to convey all the effort and care and concern that’s been exhibited and placed in the work behind the scenes,” said Combs. “To be empathetic, to search for the best outcomes for the College community. There’s so much uncertainty. We should brace ourselves for maybe some tough times. We’ll remain hopeful, and in doing so, will rest on our faith and believe in our mission of building success through education, and our beliefs and values.

“We’ll go forward and try to do what’s best and we’ll hope for the best.”

Other notes:

  • The College has suspended all major facilities projects that are not already underway.
  • The College has plans for the 50 percent of funds related to student aid (Public Radio Tulsa reported on the College’s eventual reception of Federal Coronavirus relief funding). Those plans revolve around student technology needs.
  • The College, while pushing pause on the retro-pay distribution to employees, will continue the promotion-in-rank process.
  • The IT Department has fielded more than 600 telework requests and issued more than 400 Zoom licenses, as well as established free WiFi to students on parking lots on all four campuses.
  • TCC has 18 degrees fully online, and would like to add more