October 2019 TCC Board Meeting

October 29, 2019

The TCC Board of Regents meeting took place last Thursday at the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum where Board members and attendees had the opportunity to attend the TCC50 exhibit, which celebrates 50 years of TCC history.

The Board also met in special session earlier in the day to hear a presentation from Esmeralda Hernandez-Hamed from the University of Southern California’s Center for Urban Education (CUE) about equity and inclusion. The presentation included an update on the College’s work with CUE, as well as discussion regarding the role of the Board in advancing equity-minded practices at the College.

The meeting included a presentation of the College’s financial audit, updates on various capital improvement projects, and the presentation of a Challenge Coin to Thomas Wallis, TCC international student coordinator.


  • According to Starfish Retention Solutions, the company that provides the Starfish tool the College uses to help retain students, TCC has the highest usage of the Kudos feature in the country. Kudos allow professors to send encouragement and positive feedback directly to specific students.
  • College revenue is up, currently, because enrollment is higher than expected.
  • Door controls are set to be installed at the Southeast Campus. The controls allow TCC Police to institute a campus lock-down with the push of a button. The system will maintain existing doors and hardware as much as possible, and be maintained in real time. Campus police will have live video feeds of all external doors.

    “It’s part of our overall safety and security strategy,” said Sean Weins, TCC vice president of administration and chief operating officer. “When each door is closed, campus police has a view of that door and can respond accordingly. We’re going from 10% of the college to 100%. It’s a tremendous increase.”
  • West Campus has had the system installed and it is almost operational. Northeast Campus will receive the upgrades next, followed by Metro Campus.
  • Construction specific to the Conference Center move will begin in summer 2020.
  • Construction of the West Campus Student Success Center is scheduled to commence in December 2019 (per donor requirements) and is expected to complete in Fall 2020.